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Series of Activities in All-process Logistics Increase Benifits of Enpterprises ---
China Fisheries & Seafood Expo

2016 Aquatic Products All-Process Logistics Solutions Roadshow & Supply-Demand Conference



China Shipping Gazette
Agriculture Cold Chain Logistics Professional Committee of CCTA

International Shipping Enterprise Alliance (ISEA)



會議日期/Date: 2016-11-3
會議時間/Time: 13:20 - 16:30 
會議地點/Venue: 青島國際博覽中心(南注冊大廳二層M02會議室)
Qingdao International Expo (South Registration Hall M02 Meeting Room)
演講單位/Prepared Speech Units: 
  中鐵集裝箱運輸有限公司 / China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd.

馬士基航運 / Maersk Line

東航物流有限公司 / Eastern Air Logistics Co., Ltd.

中國外運股份有限公司 / Sinotrans Limited

順豐速運有限公司 / SF Express Co., Ltd.

會議主要內容/Conference Contents:

  • 如何享受中歐班列運輸補貼政策
    自2011年3月首趟列車從重慶發出以來,各地紛紛推出了中歐班列。中歐班列特有的安全快捷、綠色環保、不受自然因素影響的綜合優勢更適應水產品冷鏈運輸。傳統的海運時間久且變數較多,而鐵路運輸至少能節省10天以上運輸時間,對於水產品則是極具吸引力的貨運選擇。與此同時,因在陸地上穿行多個國家,需多次轉關換軌,中歐班列運營增大了貨運成本。為吸引客戶,各地政府紛紛推出了相應的補貼措施。 如何拿到中歐班列補貼價格?我們將邀請國內知名行內專家為大家解讀各地區補貼政策。
    How to Enjoy Transport Subsidy Policy of China Railway Express?
    Upon the launch of the first CR express starting from Wuhan, other cities around China also launched this service. CR Railway adapts to aquatic product cold chain logistics by its comprehensive superiorities, including instant security, environment protecting, not affected by natural factor etc. Traditional maritime takes long time, and is highly variable, but railway transportation can save at least 10 days, which should be the optional choice for aquatic product transport. As is known to all, land transportation goes across a number of countries with custom transfers and switching trains tracks, so CR Railway increases transport cost unavoidably. With the purpose of attracting more clients, local governments in China pursued relevant subsidy policies. However, how to get a subsidized price of CR Railway? Here we will invite domestic famous industry experts to introduce these subsidy policies in various regions around China.

    演講單位/Speech Unit: 

    China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd. 


  • 提升海上運輸可靠性,降低冷鏈物流成本
    Improving the Reliability Levels of Marine Transport and Reducing Cold Chain Logistics Cost
    Establish a modern marine transport system, which is safe, speedy, efficient, green, and very international competitive. In addition, it should meet the needs of international trade developing and the security of national economic function. On the basis of the above condition, cold chain logistics should further know this industry and take series of innovative measures to reduce cold chain logistics cost, raise operation efficiency of cold chain logistics, so then ensure good operations in cold chain logistics market.

    演講單位/Speech Unit: 
    Maersk Line


  • 歐洲海鮮36小時從海中到餐桌,談冷鏈物流解決方案
    European Seafood Sea-to-Table in 36 hours, Let’s Talk about Solutions of Cold Chain Logistics.
    The thing happened almost one year ago on December 8 of 2015, in the early morning of 5 am, some newly caught lobsters was out of sea for 22 hours, and then this batch of lobsters were put into tanks for sorting after 15 minutes being carried in truck. People can saw that after more than 22 hours, most of the lobsters were still vigorous. Several days ago a client ordered a Canadian lobster online, just 36 hours later, a Canadian lobster was from sea to table. Unbelievably, just 36 hours ago, that Canadian lobster was roaming in North Atlantic. Domestic famous air transport logistics unit will analyze cold chain transport entire process.
    演講單位/Speech Unit: 
    Eastern Air Logistics Co., Ltd.


  • 發揮多式聯運優勢,實現水產品最佳的物流解決方案
    Take advantages of Multi-combined Transport, and Make the Optimization Solution for Aquatic Prooduct Transport
    As an efficient combined transport way, Multi-combined Transport can take full advantages of all kinds of transportations’ comparative advantages and combination efficiency, and this is of great significance for the transportation industry transforming and updating, supporting economy, increasing quality and efficiency, and reducing cost. Then, how to take advantages of Multi-combined Transport? How to arrangement aquatic products efficiently? And how to reduce the transport cost with green non-polluting
    演講單位/Speech Unit: 
    Sinotrans Limited


  • 一站式生鮮冷鏈運輸解決方案
    我國冷鏈行業經過近兩年的爆發式增長,已從資金投入走向業務落地,綜合性行業解決方案正破土而出。順豐速運有限公司近期推出“順豐冷運”品牌(SF Cold Chain),專注於為生鮮食品行業客戶提供“一站式供應鏈解決方案”。“順豐冷運”是在整合順豐現有物流、電商、門店等資源的基礎上,為生鮮食品行業客戶提供冷運倉儲、冷運幹線、冷運宅配、生鮮食品銷售、供應鏈金融等一站式解決方案。針對的客戶包括食品企業、生鮮食材市場、餐飲企業、生鮮電商等,目前已與聯想佳沃、冰天美帝冰淇淋、天貓與淘寶商戶等開展合作。
    One-stop Fresh Food Cold Chain Transport Solution
    With two-year developing and increasing, cold chain industry has already stepped into profitable operations from capital input. Comprehensive business solutions are breaking through the soil. SF Express starts to provide “SF Cold Chain” service, which is meant to give “One-stop fresh food cold chain transport solution” to fresh food industry clients.
    On the basis of the current logistics resources, e-commerce, and stores, “SF Cold Chain” provides one-stop transport solution for fresh food industry clients, including warehousing, lines, deliveries, fresh food sales, supply-chain finances so on and so forth. “SF Cold Chain” target clients are food enterprises, fresh food material markets, restaurants, fresh food E-commerce etc. At present, “SF Cold Chain” already has developed cooperation with Lenovo, Joyvio, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Tmall, and Taobao etc.
    演講單位/Speech Unit: 
    SF Express Co., Ltd.


  • 演講者與參會者互動討論
    Speakers and Participants Interactive Discussion
    Here, marine transport, land transport and air transport all focus on the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo, and we will witness a new trend in aquatic products cold chain. Besides, we will discuss cold chain logistics hot issues, and make solutions for lower cost and higher efficiency in aquatic products.
    Aquatic products enterprises talk with cold chain logistics enterprises (marine, land and air transports)


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